Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Norvells Plus One... Almost

I’ve had so many friends who’ve said I need to start a blog. I guess this is my attempt…

So, for my title. Well, we are a work in progress. In more than a million ways, but who has time for a million? So, here are those I’ll list –working toward a better relationship with God, working toward a family, working toward a bit of sanity in this crazy world. And now for my random rantings…

Well, right now I'm consumed with one big change that is happening in our family - our baby! I’ve decided that the worst (and most absolutely overwhelming) symptom of pregnancy is not in the books. It’s not the incapacitating nausea, the double-you-over back pain, or the fire-breathing dragon heartburn… it’s IMPATIENCE. And I have so got a bad case of the pregnant-and-impatient blues.

I realized yesterday that I had known about my pregnancy for seven months, and I had another symptom of pregnancy – emotional overload. I got all mushy and wrote a sweet note to the baby, which I proceeded to post as my status update on Facebook, thereby bringing tears to many of my friends and family’s eyes. Well, at least my pregnancy isn’t just making me emotional. I’m surrounded by tons of other people who cry at the drop of an emotional symbol in MY pregnancy. HA!

Anyway, I guess I say all that to say that I am very excited about the baby – this baby girl, this life that my husband and I were able to create. *Side note: if you’ve met us, you’ll understand just how scary the thought of a combination of my husband and I may be – dear God, please make her smart! If not, I fear she doesn’t stand a chance!* So, yeah… on the one hand, excited… on the other hand – scared out of my mind! Another of what I think is a “normal” sign of the end of pregnancy – fear. I’m scared for her to come early and be born with some form of brain deformity (in case you didn’t catch my point earlier, this kid needs as much opportunity brain-wise as possible – with my husband and I’s genes, I’m not thinking Miss America is in the cards… just saying, but of course don’t ask me once she gets here, I’m sure my rose-colored glasses will be awesome).

To top off all of the normal emotions, I’ve also been in pre-term labor for over a MONTH now. That’s right – I first went into labor on Oct 6th, and I still don’t have a baby. So, some part of me (no matter how small), really is getting anxious to have a kid already. Not really looking forward to looking like I’m pregnant without a baby in my belly, or to having to be up at all hours of the night, or to having the lovely extra expenses that are going to add up (oh, by the way our expense statement says we’ve already spent twice the amount this month than we spent last month… that includes hospital deductibles paid in advance, but still!)… no, not looking forward to any of that. But, I can’t wait to hold an adorable little baby girl in my arms. And this time, I’ll know that it won’t matter if we move, it won’t matter if we have a perfect temperature reading in our refrigerator, or the excessive number of smoke alarms strategically placed throughout the house that have to meet somebody's approval for adoption. No, it won’t matter – she’ll be all ours. And nothing will ever change that.

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