Friday, March 11, 2011

In Loving Memory of...

So, we've now been through two funerals in Natalie's short life.  Our baby before our baby girl... our Barkley... just died today.

God blessed us with Neo first.  He came to us the first time we were having a hard time having children.  Just before we became foster parents.  That time in our lives was almost as hard as when the fertility doctors told us that they didn't think we would ever get pregnant.  Talk about a blow to your heart!  And then, we had the opportunity to get Barkley, and he was able to help the pain in our hearts as we pushed onward with trying to have a child.  He was my baby.  He was my friend.  He was not merely a dog that we owned.  He was a member of our family.

Taylor and his B-Boy

I never understood the phrase, "you look like your dog just died."  I've never had a dog that was a friend or part of the family until our boys.  Now I get it, I can assure you of that.  Some people may not understand it but... we had a funeral.  He was buried with his sweater, his favorite toy, and wrapped in the fleece blanket that he and I never could agree on whether it was his or mine.  I can't believe it took this for me to finally give in,... but it's his.  His grave is marked with stones in the shape of a B.  And while it might sound silly to some, as the first bit of dirt started to cover him and the tears in my eyes started to spill, the beautiful words of Amazing Grace seemed the only thing that could do him justice. 

His registered name was Prince Romeo von Barkley.  If dogs do go to heaven, I know that the part of his name that was Romeo will live on as he chases females (though he wouldn't know what to do if he actually caught one)... And the hills that he'll stand atop will show that he is a prince.  He was our Barkley.  Our B-Boy.  Our baby...

So, I'll close with my goodbye:  Rest in Peace, Barkley "B-Boy" Norvell.  We loved you dearly and will forever miss you.  Though we do not understand what happened to you, we are thankful for having known you and being blessed to call you our friend and our baby.
Barkley, Born 3/10/09
Rest In Peace, 3/11/11

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